I don't know how to ever repay you for helping to save our Rafiki's life. Thank you seems insufficient, but I will say it anyway. Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts.

Rafiki is a rescue dog and he spent the first year and a half of his life in a cage and has been a member of our little family for eight wonderful months. Now, because of you, he will have ten (hopefully fifteen) more years to make us smile. He is the sweetest dog and our chihuahua, Nala, is so attached to him. I will continue to send you updates and pics, so you can truly see what a difference in our life you have made. I have to give a shout out to just a few members of the staff who came together to help Rafiki: Dr. Melanie Otte, Dr. Nick Rappa, CVT Amanda Miller, Dr. Helga Bleyeart, Megan, Tim, Dr. Braidee Foote, Trish, and everyone else involved.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you so very much for your support and help with Rafiki's care. If it wasn't for the wonderful staff at the BluePearl clinic (Brandon, FL) who donated their time and your amazing company, I know Rafiki wouldn't be here today. I am a full-time college student and my boyfriend works as lead chef at a restaurant. We do whatever we can for our two dogs who are our children. This past week, Rafiki wasn't acting like himself and he couldn't control his bodily functions like normal. I was worried, so we took him to the vet. They ran tests but they came back inconclusive. We took him home, but with-in two days, everything escalated. I tried calling everywhere to see if a surgeon was available for possible emergency bladder surgery to remove the bladder stones that the vet suspected he had that was causing his blockage (Cystotomy). That day was one of the worst days of my life. My boyfriend was at work and I was trying to make all the difficult decisions by myself and if I made the wrong one, Rafiki could die. We had limited funds and I didn't know how we were going to come up with the other half of the surgery, but I knew I couldn't euthanize Rafiki for monetary reasons. When the vet called me to let me know your organization was helping to cover the rest, I was speechless. I had no idea that the BluePearl staff had even applied on Rafiki's behalf.