Our heartfelt thanks for the life saving gift to my family and healthy one year old Yoorkie Poo "Marley".
Marley was brought into Blue Pearl after swallowing the end of a peanut butter covered rubber spatula. 
That's right! A mini rubber spatula. Like the ones you use to get the rest of the mayonnaise (or peanut butter) out of the jar. 

My teenage daughter was preparing lunch and accidentally dropped the spatula on the floor. Before she could wrestle it from his grasp the head of the spatula broke free and down Marley's throat.  
We said a prayer for Marley and for financial favor in the car on the way to the vet.  At the vet, after trying a few options, it was clear the item was not going to come out in its own. We just didn't have the funds for this, not even to put half of it down. Faced with the reality that my Marley, my little shadow, my little handsome man would have to die just because we couldn't afford this seemingly simple procedure, I began to cry, my daughter began to cry and even my rough exteriored husband began to cry. 
We agreed on the procedure and I figured somehow I would make it work. The vet left to room and we met with the manager to discuss payment arrangements for the rendered services. Through my tears I signed the waiver but noticed the amount due was only a nominal portion of the total. She then informed me that our vet was going to cover the remaining services on behalf of Frankie's Friends. I cried even harder. God brought us and angel that day, a few of them it turns out. Thank you to all who took care of my Marley and thank you for organizations like Frankies Friends. 

Forever in your debt,
Kristen, Dakota, Jay and Marley