I am overjoyed to have my sweet kitten, Sebastian, back in my arms! The amazing staff at BluePearl helped save his life and you [Frankie’s Friends] made it possible. Sebastian is a huge part of our family as well as our hearts. I like to say Sebastian rescued us a year and a half ago when we adopted him. Since then he has filled our home with love and laughter. Thank you very much for answering my prayers!

It was late one Thursday night when I brought Sebastian into BluePearl. I had noticed him straining in the litter box and called ahead for advice. Thankfully the professional on the line asked me to bring him in right away. If I had not brought him in and waited till morning our beloved kitten wouldn’t be here today. They quickly determined Sebastian to be a blocked cat. They walked us through what that meant and explained the procedures. I was heartbroken that my little Sebastian was in so much pain. Then came the time to discuss costs. Panic filled me as I knew I couldn’t afford the potential thousands it could come to. I called my parents and I called other family asking them to pray for Sebastian and for a solution. It turned out I knew what was right the whole time. I would do anything to help Sebastian make it. We applied for a medical credit card and were approved for enough to cover the night and possibly an additional one.

The staff at Blue Pearl are so passionate about helping animals they tried everything they could that Thursday night to flush out the blockage, but unfortunately it was there to stay. Friday morning they updated me on the current situation and scheduled me to meet with a surgeon in Tampa. I rushed to pick Sebastian up while he was still stable. We drove from Clearwater to the Tampa location. They saw us immediately and evaluated Sebastian. Even worse news came back. Not only was he still blocked but his bladder had swollen and ruptured. His urine was cycling through his body and potentially harming his kidneys. They again thoroughly briefed us on Sebastian’s situation. Finance came to the discussion again and I had my mind set to save Sebastian no matter what.

I was ready to sell my older car for what it was worth and halt my college education to work more hours. I tried to stay strong as we talked money but my eyes failed me a bit. The doctors kept quiet but they were secretly planning a miracle. A wonderful woman came in to tell us the first good news we heard in a while. That we qualified to receive assistance from Frankie’s Friends.

Sebastian went into emergency surgery that day and we received an uplifting phone call that Friday evening. His surgery was successful and he was going to be watched closely in the ICU. He stayed in the hospital until Sunday, although we saw him every day! When we took him home Sunday he was on his way to recovery. Upon arriving home he couldn’t stop purring and rubbing against our legs. I slept on the floor next to him that night petting him and making sure he was okay.

He is currently on four medications and a special diet, but hopefully will be back to his energetic self in no time. We have a checkup this Thursday and fingers crossed it goes well. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in just a week. However, we were not alone the caring staff at BluePearl and Frankie’s Friends got us through it. Thank you for letting me use the whole box of tissues and calling me with updates so frequently!
I cannot wait to graduate college soon and be able to pay it forward. Your generosity will be always appreciated!

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