It has meant the world to our family to receive financial assistance from Frankie’s Friends Hope Fund for our cat. One of his favorite pastimes is eating which had necessitated an expensive dental cleaning and teeth extractions. A few weeks after the oral surgery, he started regurgitating his food. He couldn’t keep anything down and was losing weight quickly. We had extensive testing done and finally figured out that during the oral surgery he experienced some reflux resulting in an esophageal stricture. Our cat has now had 3 endoscopies and balloon dilations and it looks like he is finally on the mend. After the oral surgery, diagnostics and first two endoscopies we had spent all of our savings and did not know what else we could do. Without financial assistance from Frankie’s Friends Hope Fund, we would have a sick cat with no solution and most importantly, our cat would be deprived of his favorite pastime - eating. 

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