From Burke's (human) mom: Thank you so much for all you have done for Burke and our family. It was December 1, 2012 when Burke came home as a puppy. He truly completed our family. His laid back personality and clumsiness fit right in with us. I thought dogs had a good sense of their surroundings...however, he is famous for not paying attention and running into a wall during a game of fetch. We also love to play hide and go long as Burke is the "seeker." Otherwise he just stands there staring at me giving away my hiding spot. I truly hate myself for not being able to absolutely, without hesitation approve the surgery. Burke is family. However, between my multiple surgeries, my son's blood disorder, Christmas and everything else life throws your way, surgery was scary for us financially.

I will forever be in your debt and I will forever donate to your organization for other families in need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From Burke's (human) brother: Thank you for helping Burke. He means so much to me, I couldn't live without him. I love to play hide and seek with Burke. Every morning before school we play soccer. At night before bed he jumps up on the bed while we read. There will never be anything on the floor Burke can eat again! Thank you.