On October 5, 2011, we received a call that there was a litter of Italian Greyhounds that needed to be rescued. Without hesitation, my husband Scott and I went into action. We rescued an older IG 9 years ago, as well as a retired Grey in 2006, so there was no discussing what needed to be done. 

When we arrived at the location, there were two babies left, but no one realized that there were two because one was so small at 6 weeks old, that she looked more like a dog toy. We knew we needed her just as much as she needed us. We took her immediately to our vets office and were told by an on call doctor that she was severely under weight, and wouldn't survive. She only weighed 1 lb. We wouldn't accept that and took our Shadow home. 

On February 27th, I was holding her and she jumped out of my arms and broke her leg. I think my heart broke more. I hated seeing her in such pain, and feeling so helpless on many levels. When we went to BluePearl, they took such great care of her. The amount of that surgery was overwhelming because we have had to file bankruptcy, and being in a chapter 13 , we are not permitted to have a savings account. So when it came time to pay, we had to borrow the money. 

When we received the word that she would require a second surgery, we just didn't know what we were going to do. Dr. Andrea Smith was able to adjust her bill, and offer us some assistance with the finances.

We were told that it came from Frankie's Friends. Each time we went to the office, I would drop $1.00 into the box, but I never took the time to read up on it. I saw it was to help others, but never in a million years did I ever think we would be helped as well. We cried when we saw the website and saw who Frankie was. Our Grey was Twix and he had cancer and he crossed over in 2010. 

The assistance that was given to us means so much to us and to Shadow. When we are financially able, we will pay it forward, and not just with a few dollars in the box. 

Thank you so much and may God Bless you all. Shadow will be in her cast for approximately 8 weeks, and that will include weekly visits back to BluePearl. We can't thank you all enough for your help.