Scruffy came to us one night in mid February half-starved without muscle in either of her back legs. We took her in and started feeding her. Over the next couple of weeks while trying to figure out if she had been spayed we found she was pregnant. Things progressed fairly normally until Scruffy went into labor. For whatever reason, she couldn't seem to deliver the babies on her own and after 24 hours I called Access in Renton. They said to bring her in asap so we did.

Dr. Bowman showed me the ultrasound and explained that they could do the surgery to save Scruffy. The cost was more than I could afford. Dr. Bowman then told me about Frankie's Friends and said that they could help. I really felt this little one needed every chance. Everybody at critical care was excellent. They all are obviously animal lovers and it's an amazing place. They performed the surgery, kept us extremely well informed about what was going on and how Scruffy was doing. Now, a month later, Scruffy has been renamed KiKi by my one year old granddaughter (closest to kitty kitty that she can get) and is happily living inside with our 12-year old blue heeler and our other 6-year old cat.

Thank you from the very depths of my heart!  We are eternally grateful and will continue to care for the animals of this community.