“Little Ferret is happy and well. Thank you for the help you offered us five years ago. Your gift and the compassion and skill of Dr. Lightfoot have given us years of happiness and health. Little Ferret enjoys hiding socks under the couch, antagonizing the cat, exploring tall grass, and the occasional piece of strawberry. Thank you so, so very much!” — Litte Ferret’s Family


About a year ago Dr. Lightfoot at BluePearl saved my pet ferret, Little Ferret and I just wanted to say thank you again.  We’ve had a wonderful year together and expect many more to come, thanks to Frankie’s Friends.  

Having received help from Frankie’s Friends when I truly needed it was quite a humbling experience and  I am so grateful.  I connected my Amazon account to Frankie’s Friends so a portion of everything I buy will go straight to your wonderful  organization.  As soon as I graduate from USF, I plan to make a donation to cover what they paid for her surgery.  

The world is a better place with people like you in it.  Thank you.