To Everyone at Frankie's Friends,
Heartfelt thanks for the generous grant you bestowed on Max, our Miniature Schnauzer. Max had an initial surgery on his paw, and was diagnosed with cancer.  He has undergone an additional surgery for the removal of the benign tissue at Access Critical Care Seattle, and has now started his series of Melanoma shots. I am so grateful for your gift, as I could not financially have completed this course of  treatment.

You have made it possible for Max to enjoy more time with his family and to have quality of life in his golden years. Your foundation has been a life changer for pets and their owners. I am so indebted to you and my hope is that in the future, with your assistance in finding better treatments for canine lymphoma for, no family or pet will have to go through this devastating disease alone.
Many thanks for the exceptional care and to the incredible staff and devoted veterinarians at ACCESS Seattle.

Thank you so much.