I adopted a dog during college because I moved across the country away from friends and family.  Dogs sure do have a way of finding the person that needs them the most, and I realized that Zeta, the tiny 2-pound dog I adopted, was going to become my best friend and my mother’s new “grand-dog.”

Over the course of 11 years, moving to three different states, Zeta was the one constant thing in my life. When I received job promotions, my first thought was, “Boy, I am sure going to treat Zeta with treats, bones and new toys tonight”.  We celebrated all of life’s triumphs together.  When I went home for the holidays, Zeta would be spoiled by my parents with her own stocking full of treats, toys, and even clothes. But most importantly, Zeta would became a member of our family.   

Just about a month ago, Zeta started showing signs of distress. Prognosis was unknown, and there were numerous ideas of what could be causing the distress. 

It was a collective effort to help Zeta. Frankie’s Friends helped with funding, I contributed to the bill and because of my profession, I reached out to friends and family to ask for their help. The ensuing financial support for Zeta was overwhelming.

Dr. Salas at BluePearl, and Ms. Baker the head ICU nurse, made Zeta’s emergency surgery so calming. 

Cook, Zeta pic1.jpg

After a month of healing, I have my best friend back. 

Lastly, my motto with my pets has always been, I’m not a dog owner, I’m a mother.