Max is a mix of beagle, pug and a little Jack Russell. Before his injury he was a very energetic little puppy who loved every person or animal he met, although his cat siblings are not too happy with his affection. Max broke his leg in a freak accident at home. Because we live near the water, there is a foundation wall that is very high. Max was out with my 9-year old son, got too close to the edge and fell off, landing on a branch that broke two bones. It was the most horrible sound I have ever heard an animal make. So immediately my son and I took him to Blue Pearl to get the diagnosis. When the staff came in to provide me with an update and the cost of the procedure my heart sank. Feeling helplessness, the thought of not being able to afford the best care he could receive was overwhelming. 


It was very disheartening, especially for my son who blamed himself. I think my son could feel my anxiety about it (he even offered his college fund, poor guy). But then after talking with the doctor and the technician they informed me of Frankie's Friends and what they do for people who are in my situation. Immediately a weight was lifted to know that there was help and that Max was going to be in good hands. The experience was terrific and more than what I expected. Many doctors and technicians were so willing to not only provide the medical care but to introduce us to Frankie's Friends. Max being a puppy, healed very quickly.  

He is back to being energetic and full of life and still loving everyone he meets. When he turns one in September, we are enrolling him in the NASAR (National Association for Search and Rescue) to become a search and rescue dog. Frankie's Friends helped Max to better care and a faster recovery.  Who knows, maybe as a search and rescue dog he will save a life one day too.  Below is a picture of Max today.