At the earliest time available I took Charlie to BluePearl of GA. After seeing the vet and explaining what Charles had gone through,  the vet rushed him to surgery without question and placed a feeding tube in his neck and IV in his hind leg to force feed him back to health.  The vet told me that Charlie had fatty liver and explained the disease and its implications.

BluePearl kept Charles for 3 days and I visited him daily, holding him for several hours during visits.  I could tell the stress of surgery had taken its toll on him. When he came home,  he needed 4 feedings a day for the first week with fewer feedings as he started to easy on his own.  After a month,  BluePearl removed the feeding tube and gaffe Charles a clean bill of health.  

Frankie's Friends covered some of Charles' medical expenses and for that he and I are eternally grateful.  If not for the generosity of Frankie's Friends and the care & concern shown for Charles by the caring staff at BluePearl of GA, Charles would have lost his life at the age of 8. 

Charles is the most loving,  sweet,  affectionate cat I've ever owned and deserves the chance to live a full,  comfortable life.  I'm so fortunate to have him in my life and it's all thanks to Frankie's Friends and Blue Pearl of GA.

Thank you