I cannot say Thank You enough to this amazing non-profit. We were faced with an emergency on September 15th at 5 am when our one and a half year old dachshund Penny was giving birth to her first pup and it's head got stuck in the birthing canal. We rushed to the nearest emergency vet clinic (BluePearl of Seattle) and they were able to pull the pup out but unfortunately it had passed away already. We knew there was at least one other pup and after hours of Penny trying to push her out, the vet decided it was time for a C section. The first thing running through my mind was "yes, do it. We need to keep Penny alive and hopefully the other pup" and the second thought was "how am I going to pay for this". The stress of an emergency surgery was a lot, let alone the costs.

The vet told us about Frankies Friends right away and that she would try and get us approved. It being an emergency, Penny went right into surgery without knowing how it was going to get paid for. Hours later, the vet came out and told us Penny was doing great and so was her newborn girl. We were so happy that they were able to save the puppy and our dog. When she told us that Frankies Friends was going to help cover the cost, I couldn't believe it. I have had multiple experiences of going to the vet and being stressed about the bill, and to not have that burden on this experience was the greatest blessing we could ever ask for. I can't explain in words how grateful we are for this foundation. As soon as we are able to catch up on finances, we will be donating monthly to Frankies Fund in hopes that someone else will be able to experience the weight being lifted off their shoulders from a large vet bill the way we did. 

Thank you.

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