We would like to introduce our little Christmas miracle, thanks to your foundation. Riley is a year and a half old beagle mix that had eaten a section of fabric. She underwent two surgeries within the second week of December before being transferred to BluePearl. She had her third surgery with BluePearl and we made it to day 5 of recovery, but her tests that day did not show good news. She had developed septic belly again, where the colon begins leaking into the abdomen. We knew that we could no longer afford the expenses, and drove to the hospital to say our goodbyes. Dr. Reems, Dr. Butler, and Stephanie sat down with us and explained that within four hours they had raised enough money through Frankie's Friends to put Riley through another surgery. We had no words, just tears. We held our breath, prayed, and hoped that this last time would be successful. We are now 2 weeks post op, and Riley is doing great! Thanks to the assistance from Frankie's Friends, our little girl was given many more years to live. We cannot begin to thank everyone from Frankie's Friends and BluePearl for saving our pup. She will be able to live on to tell her story, and show that miracles do happen! THANK YOU!