We brought Abby home from North Carolina in 2009, now being 2016 she has been around for more than half of my son’s life has been such a great part of our family.  Abby has always been a chewer whether it be clothes, blankets, or rugs.  Well this time around the rug got the best of her… She did not recover from this like she normally would in the past.  After about a week of her not getting better we decided to take her into SVS to get check out. Little Miss Abby had to have surgery to remove the carpet from her stomach and her intestines.

The surgery was unfortunately very expensive and we just could not afford the cost at that time.  The wonderful staff at SVS reached out to Frankie’s Friends in the middle of the night as our family was so worried that she would not be able to have the surgery. Frankie’s Friends responded at 3:00 AM and approved a donation that helped us save Abby’s life.  If it were not for the love, dedication, and compassion from the staff at SVS and Frankie’s Friends we would not have Abby here with us today.  Thank you very much for everything, we will never forget it!