How can we Thank You enough! Our 3 year old dog Wookie had heat stroke and required a weeklong stay in ICU, the staff at BluePearl did everything they could to save him and miraculously were able to.  Wookie is finally home making a full recovery. 

Your donation and monetary support is what enabled the Doctors and staff at BluePearl to provide Wookie with the life giving care and support he required.  We had several events leading up to this that had drained our resources.  Trying to decide between paying living expenses and plasma treatments for your beloved pet is an overwhelming feeling.  You all stepped in removed the monetary restrictions and have generously helped us save our dog.

Wookie is my two Son’s very first dog.  The gift that you have given us is truly a blessing – our Wookie is home with us ONLY because of Frankie’s Friend and the skilled care of the Doctors and staff at BluePearl and I am convinced he would not be with us today if not for you all.

Again a million thanks for what you all do – you are a very special organization!