Here's the video link. It's a bit over a minute.

Hi, Friends at Frankie's Friends,

Remember Olive Tree Joy Knowlton, who you helped get a radioactive iodine treatment (and then she needed a second one) two or three summers ago? Well, she's doing well from them (normal thyroid on her latest blood test, and really good everything-else too), she overcame a malignant carcinoma a year and a half ago (surgery), and she's doing well.

She's turning nineteen next month, so I thought I'd share this video with you of me cutting her nails last week.

Thanks so very much again for helping us!


My family members thank you with all our hearts for helping us out with our kitty, Olive Tree's radioactive iodine treatments. We thank your organization, appreciate and love you more than words can say. 

We would have found a way to do the treatment no matter what -- twice -- but our vet bills have already been astronomical -- a huge portion of our yearly income. Paying the entire huge bill for the radioactive iodine treatment once, much less twice, would have made the situation and financial stress so much worse. 

I am so in love with Olive Tree. We've known each other almost seventeen years, I bottle-fed her when she was only a quarter of a pound, and every day I can't get over how amazing she is. How huge a heart can live in this tiny, almost-nine-pound body, how much love such a small being can hold and give.  Our two human kids and my husband also love her dearly, and she loves them beyond belief. She's my baby. It's such a gift -- every time you look at someone, to have your entire being feel overflowing with love. That's what looking at her beautiful, precious little face and self does to me every time, every day -- and has, for almost seventeen years.

And now, it looks like she is cured! When she went in for her first treatment, her thyroid number was eighteen. (Normal high, if I'm remembering correctly, which I think I am, is two.) After the first treatment, she was a twelve. But in the blood test we just got back, she was at 1.5! What a relief, since the thyroid medicine she'd been on had stopped working, and the condition could have killed her. But, if she tests well at the three-month blood test, I'm guessing she's actually cured. It seems like she's cured now.

So... thank you so very, very much, Frankie's Friends! You are an amazing organization! And donors, thank you with all our hearts...