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Hi, I'm Isadora. I am the girl who bought Niko. He Means everything to me. I would give up my life for him because he is family. I have been saving money for years from Christmas. birthdays, and even when I lose some teeth. By the time I had enough money to pay for him - I have actually been saving that money for college but I wanted another member of the family. I am just 11 years old and in 12 more days I'm turning 12 and I would love for him to be there. It will break my heart if we had to put him down. I've lost my other dog from a car accident and Ii went in tears for more than 1 hour and I don't want that to happen to Niko. We had him since he was small and seeing him right now to this day I'm happy he is still wth us but we don't have lots of money so I'll really want to keep Niko. I'm crying right now writing this letter because there has been lots of problems in our family and when 2017 began I had an illness called bronchitis. It is a problem with your lungs. I had it for 3 months ad as soon as I heard my mom say you can get a bird my heart fell in love as soon as I saw Niko. So I took him home and kept him safe till this day. Me and my whole family love Niko and my mom said if we should put Niko to sleep but I said NO because I'll never put Niko down because I love him - we all do.

Happy Halloween and Merry Christmas. Thank you for your service and everything that you do.

Love Isadora