Hello, my sweet girl Lexi recently tore her ACL and needed surgery to repair her injuries She was outside playing with her friend (My 5 year old male mutt) when I heard her cry out. After a day or two she was still refusing to put her leg down and was in obvious pain. Due to just starting a new job and having to evacuate due to hurricane Irma, I missed so much work that I could only afford about 60% of the costs of her surgery (even with using my care credit). I was in tears knowing that I couldn't give her what she needed to get better, even more so when the surgeon told me that without the surgery her quality of life and even her life expectancy were at high risk. 

Lexi means the world to me, I got her as a 9 week old puppy from a friend and she hasn't left my side ever since. In the past I suffered with severe depression and there were times were she was all I had and was my only reason to keep going. She would do anything for me, she is the best dog I've ever had and everyone always talks about how sweet she is and how she is such a good girl. 

I'll never be ready to let my best friend go, so the help I received really meant everything to me. My sweet girl Lexi will get to run and play with her friend again and will be able to accompany me on many more road trips and adventures. She's the best and so are all you for helping take care of her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Joel (Lexi's Dad) and Lexi