Teddy Lee came to us at seven-weeks old from a friend of the family/breeder in Tennessee. We instantly fell in love with his sweet face and we couldn't wait to bring him home to become a part of our happy family of five (including our cats, Simon and Rose). 

We ended up having two full days together before our beautiful baby started exhibiting symptoms consistent with what we learned was the parvovirus. Teddy was rushed to BluePearl Emergency care on a Monday night where he was diagnosed and we were told that he had a long road ahead of him before he was out of the woods. In addition, they informed us that for his care we would be looking at a cost of anywhere from $3,500-$6,500 and there was still a large chance he wouldn't pull through. Needless to say, we were distraught. I thought we were going to have to make the decision to put him down because that level of cost and uncertainty were outside the realm of what was financially possible for our family. 

Heartbroken and having to make such a difficult decision, we ended up getting some support our amazing parents. It is then that the medical team also shared that they felt Teddy might be a good candidate for a grant from Frankie’s Friends.  Also just a quick shout out to all of the staff at Blue Pearl, they were all OUTSTANDING!!) The doctor on staff that night told us that it was a nonprofit organization that was there to help in a financial crisis in the event of an emergency. The medical team determined we met the funding criteria guidelines and reached out to Frankie’s Friends on our behalf where we were approved for $2,000 on the spot with a 25% discount on the bill with just a small deposit. We couldn't believe our ears, we were so amazingly grateful and were so happy for Teddy to have a chance. 



Unfortunately, Teddy ended up staying at BluePearl for nine long, sad days and we almost lost him multiple times, it was the worst week and a half of his life and ours. We were calling multiple times a day for updates and it was an emotional roller coaster every minute, we were ready for it to be over. During all of this we were approved for another $3,000 from Frankie's Friends and another 25% discount, it was truly a miracle. 

When we finally were able to go and pick him up he was so sick and weak you could see every bone and we were starting from scratch with everything, but he was home and we couldn't believe it, talk about a miracle!!!! The first week was rough with all the Parvo virus contamination and the fact that we had to keep him confined AND he was on multiple medications and syringe feeding but we got through it as a family and he is stronger and healthier than ever! It's been almost three weeks since we've had him home and he is finally a normal puppy again, bugging us and chewing on everything and it's all because of Frankie's Friends and the help from our loving parents and of course all the love and prayers for our sweet Teddy. Everyone's support has made us feel so humbled and now we get to spend the rest of his life spoiling our boy and making it fulfilled. He is going to make a wonderful therapy dog as we plan on taking him to assisted living homes and hospitals to help heal all sorts of sadness, and who better than Teddy? :)

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