Hello to all of Frankie's Friends,

My name is Devin and I am letting you know how happy and thankful I am for a charity like you. 

My dog, Rocky, recently got into a major accident on a Thursday that ended up tearing his back left leg's ligament which caused him a ton of pain and left him in shock and lamed his leg. In return I was in shock seeing my baby in so much pain that I started to cry. 

As soon as I could, My brother and I took him to my local vet thinking he fractured or broke his bone and after hours of waiting they said he would be needing surgery and that it's not a broken bone, that it is far worse. The surgery needed was to repair the ligament that completely torn and that I needed to take him to an emergency animal hospital. I also had to wait 5 days till the surgeon was at this location as she travels from multiple ones for a consultation. Those five days were agonizing hearing him yelp and cry every night when he tried to adjust himself and accidentally lay on his leg. When Tuesday rolled around I immediately went to the animal hospital, BluePearl, who had a wonderful staff and did everything they could in their power to help out Rocky. They took him and after waiting for an hour they told me the news of how much it would cost. I am very grateful they exist to provide immediate care to all animals.

However, the major problem everyone faces with taking their pets to an emergency vet is that its a hefty price and for him to have the surgery he needed I wouldn't be able to pay for it by myself. I was left between a rock and a hard place deciding on how to care for Rocky. I did everything I could to see how much I can pay for this as a college student working a full time job that barely pays for the bills I have now, I applied to Care Credit and was only approved for a sixth of what the bill's estimate was. Even if I  maxed out my credit card I would still be left with a very large sum that I would not be able to pay alone even with monthly payments. I had to ask to see if amputation would be a cheaper route. Something I thought I would never dare do or dream of seeing happen to him. I only knew that I couldn't see him in pain anymore nor could I ever see my life without him by my side.

This is where you and your very kind donors come in. Without Frankie's Friends, I would be paying more than double than what I did. Without Frankie's Friends existing and assisting Rocky, he wouldn't have gotten the surgery he needed. Now, after the surgery, he sleeps peacefully and isn't in any pain and soon enough he will be walking and running again playing fetch. He has made a great improvement and continues to recover at a very fast pace. 

Without you, Rocky wouldn't be right here next to me with all four paws as I'm typing this to you. Thank you so much for what you do, and I will forever pay it forward to help the next family in need.

With Love, Rocky and Devin.