In April 2017 Tango got a hold of a small spool of thread and got it tangled around his tongue and ate some of it.  My husband took the thread away from him and we didn’t think anything about it because we didn’t know at the time what he had done.  

Within a few hours he was throwing up and got very sick really fast so I took him to the vet who informed me of the thread wrapped around his tongue and that he had eaten it and we had to take him to BluePearl for emergency care.

He ended up needing surgery. My husband and I are on very limited income and had just started getting my husbands social security benefits so we were very distressed about saving Tango and being able to pay for his care.

Thanks so much to Frankie’s Friends for the assistance you gave to help pay our emergency care bill. We appreciate it so much and Tango is doing much better after his surgery to remove the thread he had eaten.  We love him so much and are so happy to have him back home with us.