When my boyfriend and I  went to a shelter to adopt a dog we fell in love with Bella instantly. We were told that Bella had puppies and then was thrown away and the shelter found her as a stray. When we adopted her they told us that she was in perfect health except for a chipped tooth that did not bother her.

After adopting Bella we noticed that she was walking funny, so we took her to the vet and he informed us that Bella has severe knee problems and that both knees would need to be completely reconstructed. This surgery is going to cost $3,500 which is money that my boyfriend and I did not have.

Then Frankie's Friends said that they would pay for a portion of her surgery! This was the best news I could have asked for. Now Bella will be able to run and play like all dogs love to do. We are extremely grateful to Frankie's Friends.