I just want to say thank you for the financial assistance you provided for my Lola. I can even begin to describe how grateful I am. Thank you. 

I moved to NYC 2 years ago, I was alone, and had no family. It was a scary time for me. I was not used to being alone. I spent many days extremely sad, often crying, and was going through depression. Trying to find my way in NYC was often challenging, goal when I moved here was to go to school. I finished school in September 2016, and thought about getting a pet. In November I went to the ASPCA in Brooklyn in hopes of finding a companion. 

I remember meeting one cat that did not seem to care for attention, then another cat that simply did not respond, and then there was Lola! It was love at first Meow. Lola was going home with me.

The first couple of weeks were very trying, I thought Lola was absolutely nuts! I remember calling the ASPCA saying Lola is out of control, is there something wrong with her?? I even thought she might not have been fixed..She was  literally bouncing off the walls. I took a deep breath and came to the conclusion that Lola is a cat!! That's what cats do!! I have always been a dog person, so this experiment was going to take some getting used to, and what a great experiment Lola has turned out to be! What needs to be said despite her outgoing temperament was how grateful Lola was to me for giving her a home. She became increasingly more and more affectionate, and very vocal. The meows are like little kisses. 

Lola in truth rescued me. Since I brought Lola home, I have not had any sadness, tears, or bouts of loneliness. Lola sits, and sleeps with me. Each day when I come through the door I am greeted with her adoring meow! She loves to be petted, and loves to wake me up staring at me, followed by her meows. She greets my visitors, and is very friend and sweet! Lola has become the world to me, and could not imaging a world without my Lola in it!! 

When I noticed Lola was injured July 8th my heart sank! I freaked out, and was hysterical. Lola showed no sign of pain, but I was in pain for her. I have not been working as I am disabled, had no money. I called a friend who gave me a ride to Bluepearl animal Hospital in Brooklyn not knowing  what to expect. The staff were extremely kind, and explained what Lola would need. I was in tears as I could not possibly afford the life saving services needed for Lola. Thank you again. Lola is doing great today, and she sends her heartfelt meows!