To Everyone at Frankie's Friends,

Two weeks ago, I came home from work to find my 3.5 year old cat,
George, in a state of terrible distress. He was laying on the floor
barely moving and making an occasional, sad howl. I felt panicked and
helpless as all my efforts to soothe him were unsuccessful. Within the
hour George and I were in the BluePearl Veterinary clinic on W 15th
street in Manhattan. I was told that George had a block in his urinary
tract that would prove fatal if he didn’t receive a procedure to
remove the block immediately and needed to stay overnight. I anxiously
waited to hear word of George's condition and hoped for the best.
Unfortunately the next morning I received a call with more bad news.
The damage was worse than they initially thought and he would need to
undergo two surgeries in order to survive and live a healthy life.
Having already borrowed money for the first procedure, these
additional surgeries were not in the cards for me financially and I
wasn't eligible for financing. I thought I was going to lose him, I
was completely devastated.

After exhausting all options and coming up with no viable solutions,
the team at BluePearl then introduced me to the Frankie's Friends
foundation. It sounded too good to be true and I broke down in tears
of gratitude and relief when I received the news that George was an
eligible candidate.

With the help of Frankie's Friends, George received both the surgeries
he needed and as of today (two weeks post surgery) has been given the
okay to come home.

George is not just a pet he is family to me. When I moved to New York
City after college, I didn't have my family close by. I came across
George in a posting by the ASPCA and knew that we were meant for one
another. He was a rescue so it took some time, but over the course of
our years together we have created an undeniable bond. He makes my
apartment feel like home and brings endless joy and laughter to my
life with his quirky, grumpy yet lovable personality. The thought of
not having him around was overwhelming and I know he wouldn't be here
without the generosity of everyone involved with your foundation.
Thanks to you, I can now look forward to hearing his little paws
padding around my apartment and seeing him curled up in his favorite
sunny window again.

We still have a long road ahead of us but because of Frankie's
Friends, George has the opportunity to live the healthy, happy life he
deserves. Words are not enough to express our gratitude but please
know that we hold you dear to our hearts and look forward to being
able to contribute to the foundation in the future.