Marley had surgery to remove a foreign body obstruction on 12/29/17 by Dr. Helga Bleyaert at BluePearl in Tampa FL. Here’s an update on how Marley is doing now!

Marley now.jpg
Marley is doing great :) he’s since gained back all the weight he lost before his surgery and he’s bounced back wonderfully.

I have since given to Frankie’s Friends and plan to do so again in the future. What it did for us was a miracle. Thank you so much for all you do!
— Marley's Mom

My poor little guy had to go into emergency surgery Friday night for a foreign body removal. Veterinary surgery is terrifying, and no one should have to be forced to give up their best friend because they're unable to afford life-saving medical attention. A big thank you to Frankie's Friends for helping cover the cost of surgery.

Seriously, if you're considering making a donation somewhere, make it to these guys. You could make the biggest difference for someone. Also, lots of love and many, many thanks to the doctors and surgeons at BluePearl.

 I'm happy to say Marley is back home and doing well!