We are writing this letter in regards to the awesome job BluePearl Veterinary Hospital and special thanks to Dr. Miryam Reems, DVM for saving our beloved fur baby Oliver. We have had him for 7 years since he was a puppy and is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had. On January 1st, 2018 my son noticed that Oliver wasn't feeling good and threw up something green. The next morning his breathing was a little labored and was lethargic. After reading online about possible causes I remember my neighbor stating he was going to put down rat poison and Oliver must have gotten into it. I took him to BluePearl and was told his Hematocrit was at 16 (Normal is above 37). They immediately gave him Plasma and Whole Blood to try to stop the bleeding since Plasma contains clotting factors that the rat poison had depleted causing him to bleed internally.

What we didn't realize at the time is that Oliver had consumed a very lethal dose of rat poison, but with quick action he had a good prognosis to survive. Frankie's Friends donated a large portion, along with BluePearl matching 25% of the donation that saved Oliver's life. Again, I am extremely thankful to BluePearl and Frankie's Friends for saving my fur baby.