Hi from Roadblock's Mum and Dad, or as he sees us, his roommates. I am completely overwhelmed right now, so incredibly grateful for the care he is receiving at Blue Pearl, for the love and compassion they are giving him. 

Roadie was a stray, and wasn't getting any takers at the shelter. I had stopped by to donate my Boxer's allergy meds. He was an older rescue, and he had passed on. Roadie walked out, skinny, mangy, and the most unusual dog I had ever seen. He was in our home the next morning. He is a gentle giant, he loves everyone and everything, and everyone who meets him are also immediately under his spell. 

I know you understand there really aren't words to express what a pet can be to us. 
We have been overwhelmed this past week, he had been through so much, trying to get a diagnosis, and I will say the cost was difficult to comprehend, but we had to give him a chance. Blue Pearl was recommended by Boston West for surgery and diagnosis.  I knew when I met Dr. McGowan, we were in the right place. His recovery looks good, and we, after a week, can finally breathe. 

When they told us there may be financial help, I was moved to tears. We have always been on the other side, the ones to donate, but my husband is now retired, and things are tighter. 
We are so, so grateful that Roadie is getting better, and that we are even considered for your help. We are blessed that Roadie is receiving the care he needed, and that there are people like you to help us. 

Thank you with all our heart, and we will pay it forward.