A couple of weeks ago you saved my puppy Miles. He had licked some of my daughter's medication off of the floor after she had tripped, spilling it. My 6 year old daughter has cerebral palsy, and when she took her morning dose of her Balofen (which is a muscle relaxer) she tripped and the plastic bottle broke open spilling out onto our kitchen floor. Miles happened to be in there and got 2 licks of this medication. A few minutes later after the floor was cleaned up I noticed Miles stumbling around and acting funny. That was when my husband and I quickly called our vet's office and they sent us to Grand Rapids to get him emergency care.

My 6 year old took this very hard even though we kept reassuring her accidents happen and we kept praying that by some miracle he would pull through this. 


I owe you guys so much for stepping in. Ashlyn was blaming herself and had a really hard week. She was literally sick, couldn't sleep, missed school. Ashlyn has been through so much for being only 6 years old. She never lets anything get her down and is always smiling. With Miles' accident, it was the first time I've seen her so down and it broke my heart!

The fact that Frankie's friends stepped in and helped us out was a miracle. There's no way we could have afforded to save him and without you  Miles wouldn't be here