Finley is doing fantastic! 

In January 2016 we had a house fire where she was home alone.  When the firefighters found her she did not have a heartbeat.  She was administered CPR and oxygen in the front yard and was eventually revived thanks the the perseverance of a dog loving firefighter.  She was then transported to BluePearl in Overland Park KS where she remained for 6 days in the ICU.


Due to the feel good factor of her rescue and the firefighter that saved her the story made national news which garnered the attention of a manufacturer that makes pet oxygen masks.   They presented the Olathe Fire Department with several (a human mask was used on Finley before oxygen was administered by tube) pet lifesaving masks.  The firefighter was also presented an award for his dedication.

I count my blessings everyday for everyone’s involvement and make it my mission to donate when I can.