I adopted Raleigh five months ago in Raleigh, North Carolina while I was there for work from Carolina Poodle Rescue.  That’s where I was inspired by the name “Raleigh” she was a rescue from a hoarder situation. She was one of ninety dogs and had never lived in a real home. Her conditions were horrid when she was rescued.  I was captured at first sight by her story and wasn’t able to rest until I had her.

My oldest son recently relocated to a small town just south of Salt Lake City. I was there visiting for a birthday. One of my granddaughters opened a gate and Raleigh was able to get out. My son went after her but Raleigh got spooked and sprinted off. We instantly jumped into my car and went searching for her. Kanosh is a small town and my daughter-in-law had alerted her neighbors so before I knew it the whole town was looking for Raleigh. Within approximately a terrifying forty minutes we found her. Upon finding her she was hurt badly and muddy. I don’t know exactly how she was hurt. The next morning was Monday and I took her to see a Veterinarian at Cottonwood Animal Hospital where I was informed her leg was severely fractured and she needed surgery to repair her leg or the option was to amputate her leg. I was crushed and went to get a second opinion at BluePearl Veterinarian. Their prognosis was the same but I had a more comfortable at ease feeling there. I had no idea how I was going to pay for Raleigh’s surgery. BluePearl kindly informed me of Frankie's Friends. The donation from Frankie's Friends means the world to me. When I am better positioned financially I will give back. Thank you so much from myself and my angel Raleigh for the donation.