I am an extremely lucky recipient of Frankie’s Friends financial assistance, and I’m writing today to express my deepest gratitude to your organization and your donors.

When my angel (Samoa, age 7) suddenly got severely sick, I rushed her to the emergency vet and was told she would need surgery. When I saw the estimated cost, I cried in fear of losing her because I couldn’t afford to help her. I desperately tried to find an affordable solution elsewhere for her but I knew that she wouldn’t get the best care and I still had no idea how I’d pay for even that.

Then three vets at the emergency hospital pooled their Frankie’s Friends allotments to help my baby. I had no idea such a financial assistance program even existed! This time I cried tears of joy and extreme gratitude. I can’t begin to describe the rush of warmth in my heart knowing that people cared enough to help me and my fur child through such a stressful, scary, traumatic time.

So, thanks to this incredible gift of assistance by your organization, I was able to get the best care possible for Samoa and now, a few weeks later, she is healthy again and well on her way back to her old charismatic playful hilarious loving self!!

I’ll be grateful to you for life for saving my best friend and I look forward to donating in the near future so that I can help save others too!

Thank you!