Buddy' Story

Buddy was hit by a car and shattered his pelvis. I took him to a 24-hour vet who did not do surgeries there. They gave me the option to put him down, I could not allow my children to say goodbye to him. He is a part of our family. I called 30 veterinarian clinics and all of the estimates I received for his surgery were expensive. When I found a veterinarian I could work with, Frankie's Friends provided the balance that we needed to provide his treatment.


We cannot thank you enough for saving our buddy boy! He is the sweetest, most sensitive little doggie ever known. He sleeps with my two daughters every night, we have been a wreck since he got hit by the car. The doctors say he is going to be fine after surgery.

We can't help you enough for making this possible for our family! Without you we would have to put him down.

Thank you and God bless. We will pay this forward we promise