UPDATE! Thank you Frankie's friends for your help with my Girl's surgery.

She is hopping on three legs, eating more, happy like before and we owe all to you...

Thank you !

20180416_122246_1 (1).jpg

"Girl was diagnosed with Bone cancer on her left back leg. Amputation of the leg was needed to contain the cancer and give her an average of 2 yrs of life after surgery.

In the past few years due to health issues , I had not been able to have a full time job for more that a few months. I had a back injury, which cost me my job. I was able to keep my animals well until 2 yrs. ago, when all my funds ran out.

I love Girl like my child, she keeps me going even when I had nothing to eat or no bed to sleep on.
I had her since she was 6 weeks old, and she has been my companion, my friend, my child. 

Thank you for giving Girl a chance to live healthy and thank you for giving me girl back. I just could not see my life without her at this moment in time. She is my rock and a balance to this wonderful world where we live. I will never forget what Frankie's Friends had done for us."  -Girl's Mom