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Eli had a foreign body blocking his small intestine, which has caused symptomatic irritation of his spleen, pancreas and stomach. He was unable to eat and drink on his own and was very weak. Removal of the foreign object was needed, in addition to approximately a week in the hospital to be fed & medicated through an IV. 


I am currently unemployed and up until this catastrophic event had been living off my savings. That is now entirely depleted as I have already expended nearly $2500 towards Eli’s treatment already. I am currently completely broke and not sure how I will get by. At the moment my focus is just to get my beloved baby treated and well. 


Words can never express the amount of gratitude we feel from such a generous gift. I guess you can put a price on life. In this case it was $500! Your generosity is the only reason Eli will live.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have saved a part of our family and a part of us.


I am so grateful for your assistance. This has been a stressful ordeal on so many different levels. Eli is my baby & like with any child you instinctively want to protect them. To see them suffer & be in pain is as if you yourself are feeling everything with them. The thought of losing Eli because I wouldn’t have enough money to pay for his surgery was agonizing. I would’ve been forever haunted knowing I let my little guy down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving his life. After I financially recover from this I vow to pay it this good deed forward. Thank you doesn’t seem sufficient to express my appreciation. Thank you a gazillion times!