Case: Reveille

Reveille needs a Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (surgery) on both left and right knees with left Knee in need for care immediately.

Thank you from Revielle’s Dad:

I am a single father. Reveille came into our lives a little over two years ago and she has changed our household tremendously. She sleeps with my daughter and knows the term "go get your girl". It means its time for bed or to comfort her. My Daughter Brooklynn refers to  Reveille as her "sister" and is incredibly emotionally attached to her. Reveille is a sweet, funny, sensitive old soul. She loves to nibble your hear and love on you every second of the day. She is scared of plastic bags and loud noises and seeks comfort hiding in the bathroom on her mat. She is our world and we couldn't imagine it without her.


She has had a rough beginning to life, and I hope we have done our part to love her and help her heal from her past traumas. Any help that you have given  us is tremendously appreciated. And the moment I am able to pay back or support the fund by donating money I will do so.

I thank everyone for their time and energy putting this work together for opportunities that you have and are providing to people like me all over. Thank you for being selfless and giving. You are appreciated. 

Thank you