“I wanted to let everyone at Frankie's Friends know that Patches is home and doing well after yesterday's ordeal! He had 11 teeth extracted in the end. I know that you have saved his life. If this had been left another week, I think it would have become a massive and overwhelming infection that would have taken him down.

My daughter and I are so happy to have him home and being able to love him and nurse him through his recovery. Once the sutures are healed, he will feel very much better. He must have been in low level pain for quite some time before the big flare up last week. He kept it hidden away, but now he will be completely free of it. I am so incredibly grateful to you and will send a few photos next week when his swelling has gone down. It's an amazing thing for us that you came through in such a big way. I'll never forget your generosity to us when we were most in need. Patches will have a long and happy life because of you.

With my sincere thanks again!”

Our cat Patches is the heartbeat of our home! We fostered him as a kitten from our local animal shelter and couldn’t bear to give him back. We have loved and cared for him for 11 years. The last few years have been very rough financially and medically. Patches was with me as I went through chemo, a calm and loving presence through the worst times. Now I cannot afford to give him the urgent treatment he needs and he is in pain. Your help means the world to us and my daughter and I thank you.
— Patches' Family