Justice had a complete rupture to her right hind leg with some meniscus damage. Without immediate treatment, the "good left leg" would have soon torn as well. She is currently recovering from TPLO surgery and this is what her family had to say…

justice new year.jpg

“Justice is “my” service dog. She hasn’t been licensed… nor do I need to do that. However, she is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever had. She completes my heart. She gets me and I get her.

justice and evander.jpg

I can't tell you enough how much this help would mean to my grandson (seen in one of the pictures), Justice and I. She blesses everyone that comes into contact with her and continues to "disapprove" the bad rap that pit bulls have.

Frankie’s Friends is just an amazing resource for pet owners like myself who do our very best and just have an unfortunate experience.

Thank you so much for any and all help to get Justice back on the road to recovery.

God bless each of you and your humongous hearts!!”

Justice’s Mom