Knox is doing so well, he made a full and very quick recovery! For how major and intrusive his surgery was, I was so happily surprised he was able to return to his normal daily functioning with such ease. His friends at doggie day care missed him! 

His torso scar from the surgery is barely there and his fur is growing back strong and healthily. His torso muscles are still at the end of their healing stages, which we notice when he needs to walk up/down stairs or hop into the car. But, his spirits are so high we’re sure that won’t last much longer

The assistance from Frankie’s Friends was the most beneficial and miraculous thing that could have ever happened to us. We have never been in such a vulnerable position before, not able to financially provide access to the life saving surgery he needed. Our gratitude is immeasurable! 

My name is Felicia and I’m the adoptive pup mom of Knox. He was rescued from Alabama through a wonderful organization called ‘No Greater Love Rescue’ a little over 2 years ago. He is the most friendly, curious, well behaved, southern gentleman of a puppy. He is very active and loves running, hiking, driving in the car and swimming in the NH lakes! He is very popular and loves playing with other dogs of all sizes and abilities! 

Unfortunately, Knox has a partial obstruction in his gastrointestinal tract which needs to be surgically removed this evening. He has not been his normal self in exactly one week since observing this obstruction. Having to bring him in to the emergency veterinary hospital was extremely scary for both Knox and me. Knox has never been this sick and I have never experienced being a mom in this situation with such a large bill. Even when taking out a CareCredit card, the approved credit line didn’t cover the total cost of Knox surgery. 

The appreciation and gratitude we have for Frankie’s Friends is immeasurable. Without this help, Knox would not be able to have this required procedure and return to his normal happy self.

Felicia and Knox