George had extensive emergency surgery at BluePearl in Grand Rapids, MI for a torsion of his spleen. Here’s what his family had to say after he received life-saving surgery.

george 3.jpg
Dear Frankie’s Friends,
First off, I would like to introduce George to you we got George after my daughter was born after the passing of another one of our English bulldogs. We just fell in love with the breed since the first time we laid eyes on them. They are the most caring, passionate and adorable dogs I have ever seen. George has a personality of his own for sure he is not your typical bulldog, he is very active and likes to be on the go. No laying around for George only after he is tired out from all his activities. We always have come up with nicknames for all our animals and from day one we have called George our” Baby Son”! We love George like he is a son and apart of this family that is why we would do anything for him. When this situation arose, we brought him first to our local vet to analyze the situation and they told us the only options would be to euthanize or to undergo emergency surgery that would be very costly. I said euthanatizing is not an option if the surgery will save his life. So, we headed to BluePearl where George had nothing but excellent care. We are beyond appreciative of this opportunity that your organization offers to families that want to be able to help their loved ones when they may not have the financial means to cover all the expenses. Again, we are beyond thankful for your organization and you will be our topic of conversation to spread the great news to let people know to donate to your wonderful program. We will Definity be paying it forward for years to come! God Bless!!!!l!
Here are some pictures of our handsome “Son” George.
— George's Family