Frankie’s Friends helped Mogwai from Fleetwood, PA to get reconstructive surgery done to repair his knee. This is a note from his mom.

I really love my pets as part of my family. I have overcome many obstacles in my life including homelessness in the late 90s and domestic abuse. I am raising my granddaughter sho is suffering from anxiety disorder. I am always doing something in my community to help others so it is hard for me to ask for help. But I love Mogwai so much and he has brightened both my life and my granddaughter’s life! Mogwai sleeps with me at night and lays by her desk in the day as she does her school work. After losing our dog Ducky in April 2017, it was so hard. I paid for chemo and meds but he lost his brave battle and a piece of my heart went with him. Mogwai showed us how to love again. Thank you for helping me and my granddaughter to save our precious baby. It means the world to us.
— Mogwai's Mom