Cami from Rockville, MD needed surgery to remove bladder stones.  This is a note from her family.

I would like to Thank Frankie and Friends for helping with our sweet puppy Cami’s vet bill for her bladder stone surgery. Cami came into our lives from heaven above and she means the world to us and has been the best dog we’ve ever had. She loves everyone; children, other dogs and cats. We got her at the pound. We were waiting to see a dog there, many dogs had already been spoken for, but as we were waiting an elderly lady came in with Cami. She was so friendly I told my daughter to look at her and she immediately asked the lady if she was turning her dog in. The elderly woman said yes, that she was going into a nursing home and couldn’t take care of her any longer. My daughter asked the woman if she could just give her to us. The lady cried and handed us the leash. No doubt our Cami was sent from above and she has been such a blessing in our lives. We want to thank Frankie and Friends for their help in helping our baby to stay with us for more wonderful years. You all are a wonderful organization and without your help we may not have Cami with us.
— Cami's Family