Frankie’s Friends helped Oso get radiation treatments for cancer. This is a note from his pet parents.

Dear Frankie’s Friends,
We can never thank you enough for your support for our sweet boy, Oso. We were heartbroken to think that his life would be cut so very short due to this rare spinal ependymoma tumor. Oso responded extremely well to surgery, and now we know that this radiation treatment will guarantee him 12+ years of healthy and happy life.

Oso has always been an active and gentle giant. He loves swimming, playing in the snow, and visiting all of his neighborhood friends, Emma, Pixel, Waffles, Frankie, Cooper and more. He loves kids and enjoys licking their unsuspecting cheeks. Oso is our baby; he is the first dog we have ever owned and is well known throughout the entire neighborhood for being “Oh-so-cute.”

Thank you for your support.
— Oso's Pet Parents