Frankie’s Friends helped Chocolate from York, PA to get treatment for a rapid growing mass that opened up and hemorrhaged. He received surgery and a blood transfusion while hospitalized. Since discharged on 3/6/19, Chocolate is improving daily with his recovery. Here is a note from his family.

Thank you to Frankie’s Friends and all involved with this organization. I love my dog immensely and I have always made sure to keep him safe and loved and with your help you have helped accomplish this as well. This organization is heaven sent to do what you do for animals and families!! The tears stream down my face in gratitude of what you have done means to my family. Chocolate is such a sweet and wonderful dog and we all love him so much and are so appreciative and grateful to have been blessed with such a loving dog. Thanks to your help we get to spoil him for more years and birthdays to come. Smile big knowing you have given this dog another opportunity at life.
— Chocolate's Family