Frankie’s Friends helped Georgetta to receive the surgery she needed to repair a torn ACL. This is a note from her family.

Here’s an UPDATE with photos from Georgette’s family! Thanks to your help she’s doing so well!

1. Me and my sissy enjoying the sun together! May 7

2. Look at me go! I am walking good! May 7

3.I was so happy being in the sun again! It is one of my favorite things to do! May 8

4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Me and my sister had a great day underneath the tree in our yard! We got to lay in the grass, watch the birds/groundhogs, and bark at stuff! Once we got back in, we even laid almost the exact same, just different legs out! May 13

9. Oh NO! Mom caught me sleeping with my tongue hanging out! I was sleeping so so good! May 13

10. It bath time!! This is my first bath since surgery! Mom said i needed it big time to! May 14

11, 12, 13. I was sleeping, mom looked over, and here i am! Smiling with my teeth out and i was dead asleep! This is the first time in her life she has done this and it is so priceless!! She always such a happy baby and this proves it! May 16

12. Well... Mom was watering plants and i decided i wanted to lick the water from the plants, in return i had some soil on me before mom caught me doing it! But i think it looks good on me?! May 17

13. Mom gave me my favorite toy back! It is a PIG!! I was happy! May 20

14. Look at me standing good! May 25

15. Mom let me "jump" into the chair by myself! I was so happy, cant you tell?! May 29

16. Look how good i am walking now!! We are in week 7 of Post-Op! Next week is 2 Months! May 29

17 and 18. Me and sissy back on the porch sun bathing and me inside looking pretty!!! May 30

This means the world to me! Without you all my fur baby would not be out of pain, comfortable, or enjoy a pain free life! She is my everything! I do not have children but she is my child! You all made it possible for her to live a long and pain free life. I am forever thankful to you all! God bless you!
— Georgetta's Pet Parent