Frankie’s Friends helped Frankie from Gates, NY to get surgery to repair a broken leg. This is a note from his family.

Frankie is not just a pet but he’s also a therapy dog for my six-year-old with ADHD, separation anxiety, and Etchberger‘s. In just the few months that we’ve had Frankie he’s been a companion to Caleb, he knows Caleb‘s triggers and when Caleb starts to get angry he goes over to sit on his lap and licks his chin, our family has come through a lot already especially with the death of pop. We got Frankie because it was going to be the first Christmas without their dad. Frankie has helped heal many in such a short short time. It’s not Frankie’s fault that I have fallen on hard times. I am so thankful that things like this are around that will help him when I can’t help him and just like my regular children he’s my child and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that he is OK. Thank you so very much for giving him a fighting chance at having a normal life.
— Frankie's Family