Stella was treated for pulmonary edema on 6/4/19 by Dr. Clarence Williams in Clearwater, FL. This is a note from her family.

I want to thank Frankie’s friends for the very much needed financial support for my 9 week old puppy, Stella. I came home from work, June 4th, 2019 to my puppy barely breathing. I rushed her to Blue Pearl vet hospital in clearwater FL. After X-rays and blood work and numerous tests, it was determined that she had fluid in her lungs due to something she did or choked on at home. Her heart and everything else was perfect. She needed oxygen therapy which is very expensive. She stayed on oxygen for 24 hours and miraculously was able to come off of it and survive. I brought her home today, June 6th. I am so thankful for Frankie’s friends. I wasn’t able to cover the whole bill although I had emergency funds. If it were not for Frankie’s friends, I may not be coming home with my puppy. I have learned that I really need pet insurance and to pay it forward to Frankie’s friends as soon as I’m able. Words cannot express how thankful I feel and I want to help the next person in a desperate need!!! Thank you so much!!!!
— Stella's Pet Parent