Luna was treated on 5/22/19 for an upper respiratory infection in Phoenix, AZ by Dr. Carlton Huitt. This is a note from her family.

Luna is doing INCREDIBLE! She is like a completely different little baby now. She is a healthy weight, eating and eliminating like a champion, playing 24/7, loving her new home and toys, and enjoying the opportunity to live a happy life where she can be free to experience everything with us! She is our angel and she fills our lives with an amazing amount of love. My boyfriend and I could not be more thankful to the donors at Frankie’s Friends that helped us save our kitten’s life. We are two young, hardworking college students and we simply didn’t have the money to support her medical needs at that time... I was an inconsolable ball of tears and stress the week that she was suffering because I felt hopeless. I felt like I couldn’t help save her, and I wasn’t able to let that happen. I had no idea that Frankie’s Friends existed, and it felt like a true work of God to have been able to have that assistance! This is such an amazing organization that helped me in a desperate time. It has inspired me to be a donor someday in the future, so that I too can give families the immense joy and relief that we have received. Thank you again, endlessly, for all of your compassion and generosity. We are thankful every single day for Luna. We are thankful for people like you.
— Luna's Family