Frankie’s Friends helped Eezobelle to get emergency surgery due to a pregnancy complication. Her puppies did not make it, but we were able to save her and she is now spayed. This is a note from Ezobelle’s family.

I am so grateful to Frankie’s Friends and their supporters for this help in our hour of need. Eezobelle our 2 year old Bernese Mountain dog miscarried, and without lifesaving emergency surgery to remove 10 dead puppies she would have surely perished. We went to an emergency clinic on a Saturday and they sent her home to die because I didn’t have the funds to pay for the surgery. Thankfully she survived until Monday when I could contact Frankie’s Friends, and take her to her regular local vet. I have been a supporter of Frankie’s Friends since seeing their donation jar in the lobby of BluePearl animal hospital, I have always thought that it was a wonderful program. I never expected to ever have to rely on them for help, and I am eternally grateful that they were there for us.
— Ezobelle's Family