The JLACF fund helped Kitty from Indianapolis, IN with treatment for mammary gland carcinoma. This is a note from Kitty’s family.

Kitty picture.jpg
Thank you immensely for your support in providing funding to continue cancer treatment for our cat Kitty. We found Kitty as a kitten 7 years ago with burns along her back from hiding in a car to stay warm during the winter. As we took her in to our house and cared for her, she quickly became a greatly loved member of our family. Kitty loves to cuddle with everyone she meets, play with her toy mice, and take naps under the covers of the bed. The funding you have provided will hopefully give Kitty many more years to enjoy life to the fullest. It will also give us more time to spend with her, a gift for which we are immensely grateful. Thank you so much for your support.
— Kitty's Family